Repair and Improvement of Old Coaches

Improvement in coaches is a continuous process on Indian Railways (IR). Several steps have been taken by IR in this regard:

• The coaches running on IR are given periodic maintenance as per norms wherein all the safety and amenity fittings are examined for good working condition and defective components are repaired or replaced. Proper cleaning and full watering of all coaches is also ensured during maintenance.
• Systems are in place in order to ensure that passenger coaches that have completed their prescribed service life, are not allowed in train service in IR.
• IR has planned to improve the interior of the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) design coaches. New interiors with more pleasing colours, aesthetically designed fittings, panelling, improved toilets, etc. are being provided in select existing coaches by refurbishing them during Mid-Life Rehabilitation (MLR).
• Various premium services like Humsafar, Tejas, Antyodaya, UDAY, Mahamana, Gatimaan and coaches like Deen Dayalu and Anubhuti, which have improved coach interiors / exteriors, have been introduced in service.
• Under Project Swarn, 14 Rajdhani and 15 Shatabdi train services have been upgraded across 9 dimensions, which include coach interiors, toilets, onboard cleanliness, staff behaviour, catering, linen, punctuality, security and on-board entertainment.
• Upgradation of 640 rakes of Mail / Express trains in divisions has also been taken up from 2018-19 onwards under Project Utkrisht.
• During Periodic Overhaul (POH) of coaches, repair of seats and berths is undertaken by POH workshops. Apart from this, in case of requirement, seats are also changed during depot maintenance.

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