Mumbai: GST relief can make cruise ship tickets 50% cheaper

The Indian National Cruise Lines Association (INCLA) wants the government to give tax waivers to halve the price of tickets for passenger cruises. The body wants 18% GST on cruise tickets to be brought down to 5% on the lines of economy class airfare. It also wants on-board supply of goods and services be taxed at 5%. They have also sought zero taxation on fuel supplied from Indian bunkers. Several cruise liners are planning to launch ships in Indian waters. The government’s move to open the coasts for cruising has already significantly reduced costs for Indian passengers, who till now were boarding cruises at Singapore. They would incur air and hotel costs to go and stay there. As per the report, the opening of the cruise market in India would generate employment by creating 2.5 lakh jobs, increase cruise tourists from 1.8 lakh to 40 lakh and cruise ships visiting India from 158 to 955 in five years. Also, the report says, related revenue has the potential to increase from Rs 712

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