Modernization of Railway Tracks with Latest Technology

Modernisation/improvements of railway track on the Railways is a continuous process. The various steps taken by Railways in this regard are as under:

• Laying of track structure consisting of 60 kg/90 Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) rails on Pre-stressed Reinforced concrete (PSC) sleepers with 1660 sleepers per km at the time of renewals, laying of longer rails, minimizing the use of Alumino Thermic Welding and adoption of better welding technology for rails i.e. Flash Butt Welding, use of thick web switches and weldable Cast Manganese Steel (CMS) crossings, using improved fittings, maintenance of track with the help of track machines, Ultrasonic testing of rails to detect flaws, etc.

In last five years, about 14613 track km Railway track have been renewed Track maintenance practices/ latest technology as well as safety norms of advanced foreign Railways are shared/adopted on Indian Railways as per requirement by attending various international conferences, seminars by Indian Railway delegates and visits abroad.

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