International community need to take concerted action against terrorism: Vice President

The Vice President joined the other global leaders in unanimously stressing the role of ASEM as a *main platform* for Europe and Asia to *strengthen dialogue, foster cooperation and tackles global challenges* such as climate change, terrorism, global peace and security, maritime governance, preserving and strengthening rules-based multilateral trading system, and working towards 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Chair’s statement was also issued at the Summit. The Vice President, during his interventions, called on the *international community to take concerted action against terrorism* including cross-border terrorism, that threatens peace and stability. He stated that it is important to *uphold principles of non-interference* in internal affairs of other countries and to respect sovereignty and territorial integrity. He stressed on an early adoption of the United Nations Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism. Terming *economic offences as a serious issue* that threatens the financial stability of nations, he asked the ASEM partners to *work together for denying shelter and for expeditious and timely exchange of financial information* He also highlighted India’s own ambitious policy measures in actively combating climate change and stressed International Solar Alliance as a shining example of Asia-Europe cooperation. He underlined Government of India’s measure for more inclusive development, including focus on women empowerment.

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