‘Electrification of railway lines will save Rs 135 bn every year’

Railway Board Member and Member (Traction) Ghanshyam Singh on Sunday asserted that after the *complete electrification of railway lines* the Indian Railways would be able to *save approximately Rs 135 billion per annum* considering the present traffic level. The Government of India has taken a mission to provide electrification on all the broad gauge railway line of the Indian Railways. This line will also get electrified in due course. The aim of this mission is to provide a low cost, green transport system to our fellow countrymen because electric traction is cheaper. All the energy is produced from locally available sources and we have the further mission to source the energy from renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydro powers. So it will be a clean affordable transport system fuelled by totally green energy at a very affordable cost, Singh said.

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