Temple collections fall by Rs 45 lakh as devotees fill hundi with paper notes with the message ‘Save Sabarimala

As the Sabarimala temple issue hits a stalemate, despite Supreme Court’s order to allow women of menstruating age to enter the Lord Ayyappa’s hill shrine, devotees are using different ways to stop it from happening. After the top court’s order, a campaign was initiated to urged people to not contribute money to the Hundi in all temples which come under the Devaswam Board. It was alleged that the government is looting the income from the temple. After four days of the puja in the holy month of Tula, the Sabarimala Hundi’s income has seen a drastic dip as compared to the last year. This year, Lord Ayyappa’s darshan at Sabarimala temple started from October 17. As compared to the first four days earnings during darshan in 2017, the temple’s revenue had fallen by Rs 44.5 lakh

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