Rafale row: BJP challenges Congress to disclose price it negotiated during UPA-II

Accusing Congress president Rahul Gandhi of misleading people on the Rafale deal with France, the ruling BJP on Monday challenged the Opposition party to disclose the price at which the fighter aircraft was offered to India during the tenure of UPA-II government. Arjun Ram Meghwal claimed that the price proposed during the UPA-II rule was higher than the deal signed by the BJP-led government and the Congress party was at pain because this dispensation has kicked out middleman from the government-to-government deal. He also said Anil Ambani’s company is not the only offset partner of Dassault Aviation as other firms have also tied up with the French manufacturer as offset partners under the Make in India programme. Meghwal claimed that the present government proposed to purchase the fighter aircraft at a much lower price compared to the rates fixed by then UPA government. The minister said Congress party’s lies would soon be exposed.

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