NITI Aayog releases Strategy for New India @ 75

The NITI Aayog unveiled its comprehensive national Strategy for New India which defines clear objectives for 2022-23. It is a detailed exposition across forty-one crucial areas that recognizes the progress already made, identifies binding constraints, and suggests the way forward for achieving the clearly stated objectives. The ‘Strategy for New India @75’was released at a press conference by the Arun Jaitley. Prime Minister says, The Strategy for New India @75 put together by NITI Aayog is an attempt to bring innovation, technology, enterprise and efficient management together* at the core of policy formulation and implementation. It will encourage discussion and debate, and invite feedback for further refining our policy approach. We believe that economic transformation cannot happen without public participation. Development must become a Jan Andolan. Over 800 stakeholders from within the government – central, state and district levels – and about 550 external experts were consulted during the preparation of the document. The overarching focus of the Strategy document is to further improve the policy environment in which private investors and other stakeholders can contribute their fullest towards achieving the goals set out for New India 2022 and propel India towards a USD 5 trillion economy by 2030 The forty-one chapters in the document have been disaggregated under four sections: Drivers, Infrastructure, Inclusion and Governance.

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