Live Electronic Exchange of data between Courts and Police

eCourts has now become interoperable with other pillars of the criminal justice delivery system. In a landmark achievement, a pilot was inaugurated on 15th December, 2018 by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Madan B. Lokur, and Judge-In-Charge eCommittee, Supreme Court of India through Video Conferencing, in the State of Telangana at Warangal through Live Electronic Exchange of data between Courts and Police. Inter-operable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) is an ambitious project aiming to integrate the Crime and Criminals Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) project with the e-courts and e-prisons databases, as well as with other pillars of the criminal justice system such as Forensics, Prosecution, and Juvenile homes in a phased manner. The eCourts project aiming at computerisation of district and subordinate courts across the country has reached the final stages of implementation, achieving all the objectives of the mission mode project. The eCourts has now ICT enabled 16,755 district and subordinate courts around the country. National Judicial Data Grid as an output of the project hosts a dynamic repository of over 10 crores cases and provides case information online to all stakeholders. Delivery of citizen centric court case information services is now a reality, through web, email, SMS, Mobile application, kiosks and Judicial Service Centres.vThe integration between these two crucial pillars of the criminal justice delivery system i.e., courts and police stations is central to the success of the Inter-operable Criminal Justice System. Now Courts can consume live data of FIR and Charge-Sheet from police. If FIR is ready in electronic form in system of police, ICJS interface will indicate to the Court that about readiness to FIR data to be consumed. On consumption Court will get details of FIR Number, names of the accused, details of the offence, Time, date, place of occurrence, details of arrest etc. Police will continue to get updates along with all the details of the case from day to day with the help of CNR Number link until final termination of case. Police will get orders and Judgements passed by the Court from time to time including final order or judgment that may be passed in a given case. This exchange of electronic data between Courts and Police will have multiple advantages.

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