India’s economic growth not inclusive enough, inequality rises

India is one of the world’s most unequal countries The billionaire wealth as a proportion of the entire country’s output is the highest for India, except for Russia. India already ranks a lowly 130 on the index out of 189 countries but when adjusted for inequality, the scores experience a drastic fall of almost 27 percent against a world average o f 20 percent. The Index, which measures the extent to which a country can provide for the social and environmental needs of its citizens ranks India at 101; a position it had achieved as early as 2014. India is the worst performer among all the BRICS countries and performs poorly than quite a few other developing countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Indonesia as well. China was at the same economic level as India around 1980 when it undertook market reforms. At the same time, the country made investments in improving its basic education and health standards When China soon became an export-led economy, the products did not particularly require highly skilled labour, but schooled and literate population nevertheless. Thus, basic education, good health and decent environment are not only valuable constituent elements of quality of life themselves but can also aid in driving economic successes of the standard kind in a more equitable manner. India has missed the bus on that front Surely it can continue to achieve high rates of growth with the rather limited bouquet of social opportunities that exist currently. India is an outlier in terms of inequality among all developing countries, except an oligarchic Russia, should raise the alarm

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