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India ranks 124 in World Giving Index but has highest number of people donating money

While Indonesia is the most generous country in the world, India has dropped 43 places to 124 in the list of 146 nations surveyed for the 9th edition of the World Giving Index released. The index, released on Monday, shows that India scores significantly lower than some of its neighbours like Pakistan (91), Sri Lanka (27), Nepal (52) and Bangladesh (74). However, it is placed well above China, which ranks 142 in the Giving Index. So far, India’s best show has been its 2013 ranking of 69. However, India still has the highest number of people volunteering time to support any cause despite seeing a decline of nearly 13 percentage points since last year in the proportion of people doing so. India also has the highest number of people donating money to charity, while it occupies the second spot in the highest number of people helping a stranger. Australia and New Zealand make up the other countries in this year’s top three, with the United States occupying the 4th spot.

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