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Guidelines for physical shareholders for claiming of dividends

Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) Authority under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India has issued guidelines for physical shareholders of any company for claiming of their dividends. If dividends remain unclaimed for 7 years, then these dividends along with physical shares are transferred by the company to the IEPF Authority the guideline mentioned. It added that even though the physical share certificates may be with the shareholders, the dividends and physical shares will be transferred. In order to claim the refund, there are some simple steps- a) Claimant to file e-form IEPF- 5 available on the website: b) Take a print of filled e-form and submit copy along with requisite documents to the concerned company c) Nodal officer of the company to verify the claim and furnish the report to IEPF Authority within 15 days d) On the basis of verification report refund will be released by IEPF Authority in favour of claimant’s account through electronic transfer. There is no fee charged for filing of the IEPF- 5 form.

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