Five more rice mills cleared for exports to China

Five more rice mills have been cleared for exporting non-basmati rice, from India to China, taking the total to 24 rice mills. The first consignment of non-basmati rice, of 100 tonnes, was shipped to China, from Nagpur, in September this year. In May this year, officials from China inspected rice mills that are capable of exporting non-basmati rice to China and 19 rice mills and processing units were registered for export to China. China is the world’s largest producer and importer of rice and buys more than 5 MT/year. There is potential for India to export 1 MT of rice to China in a few years.India’s total rice exports increased from 10.8 MT a year earlier to 12.7 MT last fiscal. This allowed India to retain the top slot in global trade of the commodity.

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