Disruption creates more job opportunities than it takes away: Mukesh Ambani

New technologies and disruption create more job opportunities than they take away, and there was a need for massive upskilling of the work force, said Mukesh Ambani on Tuesday. However, there is a lot of apprehension to this score. And these very apprehensions could resist or delay digital transformation of our societies. That would be a mistake, Ambani said. He added that such apprehensions of job losses could resist or delay digital transformation of the Indian society. Therefore, governments, businesses and civil society organisations should put together an ecosystem for massive upskilling of workforce. Significantly, most of the upskilling can happen on digital platforms, he added. Nearly 70,000 workforce is expected to be laid off this fiscal, according to Randstad India. The industry had shed over a lakh jobs in 2017. 58,000 colleges, over 700 universities and 19 lakh schools in India will be digitally connected, with Jio playing a leadership role.

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