Cyber space needs to develop its own AI, radars

It’s the 30th anniversary of the Computer Security Day that the world started observing in 1988. Many of us who had joined the workforce in the early eighties were by then just getting to know what a computer looked like and what it did for businesses. Internet was yet to be born in its true form On the mobile communication front, by-now forgotten pagers were all that the world knew of. Thirty years later, Smart Phones are endemic, 4G is on the verge of being passé and IOT is a reality. Quantum Computing, Big Data, AI and the rapid evolution of the Net are leading us (read, the globe) into a deeply networked village – yes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Our new cyber space stays afflicted with old world issues of conmen, theft and thuggery. Just the tools have changed; new ones are usually invisible to the human eye. In this context, it’s important that we observe the Computer Security Day as an occasion to reinforce and strengthen our security habits. As individuals, whether at home or at work, we need to maintain integrity and secrecy of our passwords. Frequent changes to passwords is a basic safeguard requirement. Remember Aligarh? We all looked to it for the multi-lever hand crafted locks it made. Passwords are the cyber age equivalent of these locks. The cyber landscape is on the cusp of a major change.

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