Companies increasing focus on employees’ emotional, financial health: Study

To increase productivity, more and more companies in India are beginning to take a holistic view of their employees’ health and wellness, which also includes emotional and financial well-being, a study said. The ‘India Health and Well-Being Study 2018′ by Willis Towers Watson found that this year over 80 per cent of the organisations have taken at least one action in health risks or condition management, weight management, physical activity and nutrition and managing employee stress and mental health.

While 61 per cent have taken at least one action to improve the financial well-being of employees in 2018, it is a concern that almost half of the surveyed organisations still do not have a formally articulated health and well-being strategy, it said. A majority 66 per cent of employers have already taken, or will take steps in the next three years to develop a mental health strategy, the survey said, adding 59 per cent are planning to offer programmes to support chronic behavioural health conditions, which is currently offered by only 8 per cent of employers. Similarly, 63 per cent already have or are developing a strategy to improve financial well-being and 13 per cent are considering it in three years’ time.

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