CCTNS will help in containing crime and criminality: Ahir

Hansraj Gangaram Ahir said that in a huge democracy like India, having population of 130 crore, CCTN System and associated technologies can help us get information quickly and track the criminals Ahir said that all States/UT should effectively use it  to contain the crime. For this all the States/UTs should coordinate  and integrate the various organs of the Criminal Justice System such as the Police, Courts, Prisons, Prosecution, Forensic Laboratories, Finger Prints and Juvenile Homes with the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) database, he proposed. Ish kumar said that at present 14,749 Police stations ( Out of 15,655) and 6,649 higher offices (out of 7931) are connected through CCTNS and sending data to NDC regularly, except Bihar.  Out of the remaining 1000 Police stations 894 are from Bihar State. He said that out of 36 States/UTs, 35 States/UTs have launched  their citizen portals for providing services to citizens like filing of complaints online and seeking antecedents verification of tenants, domestic helps.

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