Alive and Kicking: 61.6% of 18.10 lakh companies registered are active

Around 61.6% of the 18.10 lakh companies registered in India were active at the end of October, data from the ministry of corporate affairs showed amid the government continuing its clampdown on shell firms. There were more than 11.16 lakh active companies as of October-end. Out of the total number of 18.10 lakh registered companies in India, about 6.47 lakh were closed as on October 31 and 1,523 were classified as dormant. As many as 39,736 companies were in the process of being struck-off while 6,208 were under liquidation. Among those struck-off, 102 companies were in the process of being reactivated, according to the ministry. Of the 6.47 lakh closed companies, 10,574 companies were liquidated, as many as over 6 lakh companies were declared defunct. As many as 21,901 companies were merged with other companies 9,565 companies were converted to Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and 4,794 were converted to LLP and dissolved. In terms of economic activities, around 3.57 lakh companies were into business services and 2.23 lakh entities were engaged in manufacturing and other lines of work. According to the corporate affairs ministry, Maharashtra has the highest number of registered companies (3,59,452), followed by Delhi (3,26,088) and West Bengal (1,98,960). Amongst ‘active companies’, Maharashtra has the maximum number of active companies (2,25,839), followed by Delhi (1,97,692) and West Bengal (1,27,181) as of October 31.

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