Aadhaar is totally safe, isn’t a card, just a number: R S Sharma

R S Sharma rebuked debates around theft of identity due to Aadhaar while condemning companies that make users accept lengthy agreements that give them unrestricted access to users’ data. Aadhaar cannot increase your digital vulnerability There were a number of steps taken to ensure privacy by design. Privacy was not an afterthought in Aadhaar. He said that while unique identification is necessary, it is not sufficient. Any identification system which is not digital will not work. He said, You need a digital identity which can participate in a digital conversation. And Aadhaar, he said, is not just a physical card but a digital online identity that can be plugged into any domain. He said, Data security means that whatever data I give to an organisation, that organisation must ensure that data is secure and not violated If security is breached than your privacy is automatically breached, but not vice versa.

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