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57% businesswomen in India plan their finances independently

According to a report titled Success Strategies of Women Entrepreneurs by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Indian Women Network, 56.67% of the women entrepreneurs are sole decision makers of their finances while 38.71% take decisions with their spouse, father or significant other. It is important for a woman to manage her finance. The social system in India is changing—women are single by choice, aren’t living in unhappy marriages anymore, or are single parent. So there comes a need that they also learn to manage money in a better way, said Puneeth Kumar. More than 50 women leaders at a minimum of C-suite level in organisations with a turnover of over ₹50 crore were interviewed to compile the report. 84.62% of the interviewees were above 50 and the remaining section of women leaders were above 30. Most women entrepreneurs acknowledged that gender bias and an ingrained prejudice against women exists at most organisations.

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