No nation for dodgers: This April 1, India enters unfamiliar duty region

The tax collection situation could change fundamentally as India enters unknown territory from April 1. On Day 1 of the new monetary year, the taxman will start investigating far-reaching, 360-degree profiles of Indian citizens. Life is currently all set to change radically for citizens whose spending designs don’t coordinate their income revelations. By what method […]

New companies: Incorporation standards loose

To support simplicity of working together, particularly for little and medium undertakings (SMEs) and new companies, the service of corporate issues (MCA) has exempted fuse fee for firms having share capital up to Rs 15 lakh. Prior, the point of confinement was Rs 10 lakh. The change to the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 with this […]

India delays bookkeeping rules, saving banks terrible credit heaps

India delayed the presentation of extreme new bookkeeping rules for the second year running, in a move that will save the nation’s banks from adding another layer to the $190 billion heaps of awful advances on their books. The Reserve Bank of India said late Friday that authoritative changes expected to actualize the new Indian […]

UN got 259 charges of sexual misuse, maltreatment in 2018: Report

The UN got a total of 259 charges of sexual exploitation and misuse submitted by the staff working in its offices and their accomplice associations in 2018, an expansion of in excess of a 100 in such occurrences from the earlier year, as indicated by a report exhibited by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. The report, exhibited […]